Shod Yatra: The Adventure Tour of Potential Researchers | 12 January in Kathmandu

Shod Yatra: The Adventure Tour of Potential Researchers
Shod Yatra: The Adventure Tour of Potential Researchers

Kathmandu 11 January: The Shod Yatra is a journey in search of potential researchers. The event was hosted by Mr. Akash Theo, Managing Director, Mindy Akash Research. He will travel to many places across Nepal to organize a science program at a specific location. The journey is the beginning of the Brinecube research organization, which extends the offer to stay in the capital to obtain opportunities and sites on a regular basis. The main goal is to bring capacity to our neighborhood. In each city they will do a science workshop, lecture and presentation as well as a day event with the competing students.

“Indonesia, Turkey, Taiwan, Tunisia, Russia, United States, Europe, Middle East and so on,” Mr. Theo said.

This startup is currently targeting high school students who are currently studying and graduating as qualified participants in science and computer science. There is no registration fee to participate in the program while traveling to different cities.

The event is sponsored by Sunway International Business School and Prenycube Analytics Pvt. LTD., Opportunity Partner.

The yatra will begin with the first event to be held in Kathmandu on January 12, 2020 (Tuesday) and will also include Nepalganj, Patwal, Surket, Tang, Thangadi, Pokhara, Sidwan, Birganj, Janakpur, Lahan, Rajbhar, Pratapnagar, Taran . , Duncutta, Tomat, Burt, he went to specific harmony areas about the house and potential researcher in a particular area.

Event Information:
Event Name: SHODH YATRA, Journey in Search of Potential Researchers

Date: From January 12, 2020, it will continue till we cover most of Nepal.

Location: More decisive in Kathmandu (Sunway Int. Business School, Maithidevi) and other cities.

Deadline: Two days before arrival in your city. (They will update all the travel plans and routes on their Facebook page)

Registration link:

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