Donald Trump’s digital decline: ban from Facebook, Twitter, snapshot; The parlor was suspended from Google Play

Trump supporters are receiving a lot of setbacks after violent protests in the US capital. The incident, which disrupted the electoral college debate and killed five people, is said to have been inspired by Trump’s social media news following the November presidential election. As a result, Trump’s social media accounts on Twitter, Facebook, and Snapshot were deleted, the right-wing social media app parlor was suspended from Google Play, and blocked by Trump supporter ‘R / Donald Trump’ Reddit.

Donald Trump's digital decline
Donald Trump’s digital decline

Donald Trump’s digital presence has plummeted since protests on Capitol Hill by his supporters. On January 7, during an election college debate, a large group of Trump supporters stormed the building and confirmed the results by entering the Senate chamber. The protests were blamed for Trump’s tweet and posting on various social media sites where he claimed he was robbed and stolen from the November 3 election. He asked his supporters to march to the Capitol.

The us In the wake of violence in the Capitol, Trump’s use of social media, Facebook, and Instagram have always been banned to incite violence against a democratically elected government. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg released a statement announcing the ban on Trump’s accounts, saying: Heir, Joe Biden. “

Twitter, sharing a blog post, announced that the @realDonaldTrump account had been permanently suspended “due to the risk of further incitement to violence”. Trump still had access to the presidential accounts of the president’s POTUS and Whitehouse. However, a new report by The Virgin stated that his tweet was removed from these accounts. This was confirmed by Buzzfeed Executive Editor Matt Hone on Twitter. Not only this but in 2020 the Twitter account of the Trump campaign’s digital director Gary Gopi has also been suspended.

The snapshot was pulled out of the photo-sharing site amid concerns about Trump’s dangerous rhetoric. During the siege of Capitol Hill, Trump posted a video on social media in which he repeated a false electoral fraud claim, telling the crowd “we love you” and asking them to go home. . YouTube has removed the video in accordance with policy restrictions that challenge the election results.

The parlor, which has become home to social media users, was suspended from Google Play after it was encouraged by Donald Trump supporters to join the platform. Apple has given the app 24 hours to remove all unwanted content and present a comprehensive medium plan.

Also banned is r / DonaltTrump – Reporter Sarah Fisher of Axios, an informal pro-Trump platform of popular social media site Reddit, reported on Twitter.

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